Kaizen - Active Codes for December 2022 Roblox

22 dec 2022 at 15:56

On the online gaming platform "Roblox," there is an RPG mode called Kaizen that allows gamers to play as exorcists. The game is interesting because users can:

• Explore game locations;

• Play in cooperative mode;

• Acquire abilities - curses;

• Search for enemies and battle them along with various monsters;

• Engage in PvP battles.

But to have a great start, players will need codes provided in this article to activate clan spins, which will reward the character with cool characteristics and double the experience points.

What bonuses do promo codes give in December 2022?

By entering promo codes, gamers will receive the following boosts:

• Clan spins;

The rewards obtained make the cursed mage more powerful:

• x2 experience points;

• Resetting the character's stats.

The developers regularly delight users with these bonuses, but currently, not all of them can be activated as some codes have already expired. However, we will provide the up-to-date promo codes.

Codes for clan spins

Below are the codes that players can use at the moment:

• SUB_TO_GRIFON_GAMES - grants seven clan spins;

• PVP_SOON! - adds an additional seven clan spins;

• 20KLIKES! - provides twelve spins;

• 20KPLAYERS! - the code adds twelve clan spins.

To make everything work in the game, the codes must be entered correctly.

Where to enter the promo codes

Follow this simple guide:

1. On the right side, there is an image of a book that needs to be clicked;

2. Click on the gear icon;

3. Enter the code, click Enter, and then click the green Redeem button. There won't be any activation messages displayed, so keep track of receiving the bonuses yourself. If a code becomes inactive, you will receive a notification, so enter the promo codes carefully.

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