Top 30 Best Mods for People Playground 2022

25 dec 2022 at 21:23

People Playground is a sandbox with rich possibilities for implementing creative ideas of different levels of cruelty and fun. Mod support makes the game infinitely replayable and allows you to realize any scenario, thanks to the Steam Workshop that allows you to install mods in just 2 clicks. Below, we will tell you about the top 30 mods of 2022, from a realistic toilet to a huge Godzilla.

3D Saul Goodman Main Menu Background Replacer

A simple but quite strange mod for fans of the TV shows "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul." By installing it, instead of the standard boring menu, you will get a 3D model of Saul Goodman and be able to closely examine the face of the legendary lawyer. A nice gift for fans of the Breaking Bad universe and anyone who likes unconventional solutions.

Download 3D Saul Goodman Main Menu Background Replacer

Functional Terminator Mod

A modification that reminds you of the glorious days of "Terminator," a robot sent back in time to fulfill a sinister mission.

Underneath the humanoid, which possesses incredible strength, is an exoskeleton that makes it practically invulnerable. The background music changes depending on what is happening in the game at the moment.

Download Functional Terminator Mod

Foods+ Mod

Content for culinary enthusiasts. It adds new food consumption and cooking system. If someone doesn't want to eat, you can hit them in the face with food to awaken their appetite. In a full-fledged oven, you can engage in direct cooking, and after it's done, you can distribute everything into bowls and plates.

There is also a sink, liquid consumption, and over 20 available food items.

Download Foods+ Mod


No game with mod support would be complete without a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and People Playground has acquired a hero from the Cretaceous period. The eyes of this huge predator reflect its essence. It is ready to destroy anything that crosses its path. And even in death, it maintains its majestic pride.

Download T-Rex

Water Physics

A small improvement that makes the world more realistic and, probably, significantly increases the computer's load. Just go to any map with water and choose its quality, which affects performance.

After that, interacting with water surfaces becomes much more enjoyable, similar to more advanced physics-based games, providing more realism and fun.

Download Water Physics

Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla is a cult monster from movies, towering over 100 meters, at the level of a skyscraper. A special mod adds this giant to People Playground.

An electric current runs through the body of the famous monster, giving it a specific glow and helping it destroy enemies. It's a great way to have fun and vent your aggression in a virtual world.

Download Shin Godzilla


Cyberpunk and humanism have made their way into People Playground. To help people who have lost limbs, a modder created this modification. It allows you to add missing limbs to a person. Some prostheses are functional, while others are not. Additionally, batteries may be required at times. Now, in the game world, losing a hand or leg is not so frightening.

Download Prostheses

Zombie Pack

The latest surge in zombie popularity occurred around the early 2010s when "The Walking Dead" TV series started airing and the game of the same name was released. Since then, the walking dead have regularly visited video games.

The mod adds more zombies, including scientists, police officers, eyeless firefighters, and even zombie builders. In short, a complete set of qualified zombies.

Download Zombie Pack

Identical Humans

A one-line mod for people who hate everything individual and strive to blend into the crowd.

The modification disables randomized scaling when a person spawns, making all humans the same size. So, if a character was initially intended to be gigantic, they will remain so.

Download Identical Humans

Alien Tripod

An original tripod designed in the shape of the Alien from the eponymous film franchise and video games. The tripod is not only huge but also functional. It can emit lasers, destroying everything around, and move on its "legs." It can be useful in everyday life and in dealing with enemies.

Download Alien Tripod

Lawless 2

Role-playing games and mods where players must follow a specific script and embody a role have become very popular in recent years. Lawless 2 was created precisely for such fun and imagination.

The mod adds agents, a doctor, police, and other categories of citizens to the game. It also introduces corresponding props like precious gems and gold. However, not all props have functionality; you'll have to imagine that they actually work. Primarily, the modification was designed for simulating robberies and other criminal activities.

Download Lawless 2

The Attack Titan

Anime and manga fans will be thrilled because you can add the legendary Attack Titan from seasons 1-3 to the game, according to the author. This colossal behemoth looks incredibly menacing and possesses monstrous strength, capable of reducing everything to rubble.

Download The Attack Titan


A realistic human model that partially replicates the functions of a real person. It includes several organs such as lungs, stomach, and brain, and has a functioning circulatory system, except for the heart.

The human can catch fire, cry, and by sending a signal to the brain, you can dissolve food in the stomach. It helps to understand a little more about how humans are structured internally.

Download Human

Working Toilet

 A mod that provides even greater immersion by allowing you to use the toilet, just like in real life. The toilet operates on the same principles as real counterparts, replicating their functionality. Just like in real life, sometimes you have to flush twice. The toilet also has stabilizers that can be disabled if desired.

Download Working Toilet

One Punch Man/Saitama

Another legendary hero from the world of Japanese culture. His Majesty Saitama, also known as One Punch Man. Killing Saitama, who possesses tremendous power, is extremely difficult. He has immunity to most types of damage, and One Punch Man also has active passive regeneration.

You can't kill Saitama without mods; he will revive again. For example, the death syringe neutralizes the character for a certain period of time.

Download One Punch Man/Saitama

Fire remover button

A tiny mod that can be extremely useful in certain situations. For example, if you accidentally start a massive fire and no longer need it. By installing the Fire remover, you can neutralize any fire with a single button press. Quick, convenient, and practical!

Download Fire remover button


GLaDOS is a well-known character from the Portal series. She is a computer with intelligence and self-awareness. GLaDOS speaks in a female voice and is memorable for her witty black humor and elaborate taunting of the unfortunate main characters.

The model is quite complex, and it was challenging for the developer to create an accurate replica in the world of People Playground. Therefore, this modification deserves attention.

Download GLaDOS

Electric chair

Execution, especially by electric chair, is a rather cruel form of punishment, even for someone who has committed a serious crime, and it is rarely used nowadays. But thanks to this realistic mod, you can torment unsuspecting individuals in People Playground. You can seat them on the chair, secure them, and fry them. Sometimes one round is not enough, so the unpleasant procedure must be repeated.

Download Electric Chair

Lego man

A cute mod that adds several Lego figures. One of them is the classic semi-transparent color, another one is colored, and the third one is a spaceman. Now you can have a mini-battle involving these construction heroes, who look very amusing.

Download Lego Man

The Walking Dead Mod

Another zombie mod, this time adding characters from the legendary TV series/comic. Almost all the characters are available, from the meme-worthy Carl to Daryl and Morgan. Thanks to this modification, you can recreate and replay some scenes.

Download The Walking Dead Mod

Zuccians SuperHumans

This mod adds 19 individuals, each with their own superpower. Some can turn back time, some can see the future, and so on. You can have a battle of psychics or a fight involving superhumans.

Along with the heroes, there are special syringes that activate superpowers upon injection. So you can pass on a unique "gift" to another character through the needle.

Download Zuccians SuperHumans

Stone Golem

Golems are mythical anthropomorphic creatures created from various "inanimate" materials like clay and stone, and brought to life through magic. You could see amazing creatures like these in "The Witcher 3," and now you can have a golem in People Playground.

The stone golem looks threatening on one side and somewhat clumsy on the other. It is quite strong and large but completely destructible.

Download Stone Golem


This modification makes objects more physically realistic by adding the ability to deform them. Objects dent upon collision and get damaged when shot. However, the mod only works with rectangular objects, so no cars, pyramids, and the like. Nevertheless, it adds a little bit of realism.

Download Deformation


Another mod that adds a character from popular culture. This time it's a giant ape, an enlarged gorilla. It's King Kong, who can open his mouth, move his neck, and destroy everything in his path.

The model looks impressive; Kong resembles a mad monster that shows no mercy, unlike other versions seen in movies.

Download Kong

Functional Senator Armstrong

Senator Armstrong is a fictional character from the Metal Gear series, representing the senator from the American state of Colorado who prioritizes strength over laws and bureaucracy. This modification allows him to demonstrate his striking abilities.

Download Functional Senator Armstrong Mod

Dead Space Mod

The author of this mod aimed to add a piece of the cult game "Dead Space" to People Playground, and they succeeded.

It includes all the armor from the three parts of the game, some DLC armors, the suit that Gabe wears in Dead Space 2, and much more. Fans of the eerie "Dead Space" will surely appreciate the authenticity recreated by the author.

Download Dead Space Mod

Monkey Mod

Intelligent monkeys wielding weapons and gorillas are reasons to start an ape uprising. And bananas will help you gather energy and determination.

The mod includes several types of monkeys (including a blue one), a banana cannon, palm trees, and crowns. These humanoid figures look quite aggressive, resembling a primate gang that has grown tired of hanging on trees.

Download Monkey Mod

Wind Generator

Experience even more physical interaction on People Playground maps. This mod includes a wind generator that affects all objects and passes through them, creating shaking effects that can be disabled if desired.

The wind force can also be adjusted in the context menu, allowing you to find a subtle wind background that suits your taste.

Download Wind Generator

Cat Gun

There's nothing cuter than cats, which have conquered both humans and the internet. If you can't live without them even in the virtual space, then here you go. This mod adds cats of various types and colors. You can admire them or turn them into tactical weapons.

Download Cat Gun

Stranger Things Mod

This ambitious mod recreates the atmosphere of the popular series "Stranger Things," which follows a group of children who encounter the supernatural in their small town. All the main characters are present, and there may even be the Mind Flayer if the developers find a way to make the monster function within the game.

Download Stranger Things Mod

Megalodon Shark

The Megalodon is an extinct species of shark that weighed several tens of tons. It not only looked monstrous but also had huge teeth, which can now be found for sale as fossils.

The model added by this Megalodon mod looks realistic and quite menacing. The "fish" has a jaw joint and a movable tail.

Download Megalodon Shark

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