All cheat codes in My Summer Car: where to enter and how to use

24 mar 2024 at 14:19

My Summer Car is an engaging and unusual car mechanic simulator with elements of survival and an open world. The main character stays in a small Finnish village for the entire summer while their parents are away, with the only available pastimes being fixing cars, driving around rural streets, and drinking beer with locals. 

Cheat codes in My Summer Car will make gameplay easier, more interesting, and rid you of annoying game constraints, such as satisfying needs. In our article, you will find a complete list of cheat codes with explanations. 

How to open the console and enter cheat codes in My Summer Car

By default, the console and cheat codes in My Summer Car are unavailable. The developers came up with a peculiar way to activate them. 

In order for the game to allow opening the console, your character's last name must be: "Rauhijoketti". After that:

  • Start the game;
  • Go to the options menu by pressing F1 or Esc;
  • Enter the cheat in the appearing line;
  • Press Enter to activate. 

If you have any other last name for your character, you won't be able to open the console. The problem with this method is that you'll need to start a new game because changing the character's last name after creation is impossible. Unfortunately, there's no other option. 

Current Cheat Codes in My Summer Car

The complete list of cheats in alphabetical order:

  • ARVO – gives Arvo-Algotson combine;
  • DATA – debug car;
  • DATE [value from 1 to 7]– change day of the week;
  • TIME  [value from 0 to 24]– change time;
  • WEAR – remove wear from parts;
  • KEKE – god mode;
  • WEAT – change weather;
  • ENDI – show ending;
  • DRAG – teleport to airstrip;
  • FARM – teleport to farm;
  • HEMO – teleport home;
  • JAIL – teleport jail cell;
  • KESA – teleport to theater;
  • KEYS – get keys for all cars;
  • LEFA – teleport to Fleetari Repair Shop;
  • MANS – teleport mansion;
  • MOKK – teleport island;
  • MUMM – teleport Sirkka;
  • PASK – teleport wastewater treatment plant;
  • PIGG – teleport Ventti house;
  • SALE – teleport Teimo's shop;
  • TANS – teleport dance pavilion;
  • RALL – teleport road near Teimo;
  • COLL – toggle tree collision models;
  • CLIP – toggle clipping mode;
  • OCCL – toggle occlusion rendering for hidden objects;
  • POOR [value] – get money;
  • SHIT – full Gifu tank;
  • SOBE – no intoxication;
  • RBED – fill sleep bar (rest); 
  • PORO – add power to Burnet Ferndale;
  • KILL – remove Satsuma from the game world;
  • RCAR – return Satsuma home;
  • RTRA – return tractor home;
  • RVAN – return van home;
  • SEIV – save game.

The cheat code starts working immediately after activation. There are no in-game penalties or restrictions for using them - you can use them worry-free

 Note: some cheat codes may not work after updates 

Downloadable Cheats

On our website, you can find downloadable cheats for My Summer Car. Ready-made assemblies combine the functions of several cheat codes at once. Download and use them for free. The files have been checked for security. 


Adds a full-fledged cheat menu to the game. Instead of entering cheat codes every time, you can simply open the menu with Ctrl+C and select the desired function: teleport to NPCs or locations, spawn items, change time/weather, etc. 

Download BetterCheatBox

Trainer 7+

A small cheat package with useful features: 

  • No Dirtiness - no dirt;
  • No Fatigue - no fatigue;
  • No Hunger - no hunger;
  • No Thirst - no thirst;
  • No Urine - no need to go to the toilet;
  • Inf. Money - infinite money;
  • Inf. Fuel - infinite fuel.

Essentially, you'll solve all needs problems, get infinite fuel and money. But keep in mind, this is equivalent to completing the game. All that will be left for you is to fix and upgrade your car because completing quests will also lose its purpose. 

Download Trainer 7+

Trainer +7 WeMod Edition 

A similar trainer with the same functionality. To install and use, you need to install the WeMod system.

Download Trainer (+7) WeMod Edition

Have a nice game!

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