The best mods for Melon Playground.

28 aug 2022 at 13:30

Melon Playground - a popular mobile sandbox game where players can do whatever they want. The game has a large fan base and supports mods. Mod makers actively develop their projects, constantly adding and improving the game. In this article, we will look at the best mods for Melon Playground that players love. Special thanks to the mod makers who develop and share their projects on Modslab. This is only the first part of the article, and there will be new compilations with fresh mods in the future. 

M1 Abrams

A powerful, large tank that is widely used by the US Army. It is an incredibly powerful and sturdy vehicle that perfectly complements the game world of Melon Playground. The mod has over 5000 downloads, high-quality models, and textures. 

Download M1 Abrams mod

10 New Cars

Vehicles are an important part of most games, including Melon Playground, as they provide numerous interesting scenarios. This mod adds 10 new cars that fit perfectly into the game world and allow you to recreate various real-life situations or simply go for a ride. The pack includes both regular cars and incredible supercars.

10 New Cars

Among Us

A collaboration between Melon Playground and the highly popular game Among Us, which has unexpectedly gained popularity. This modification adds characters from the game, allowing you to play as crew members, conduct various experiments, and try to find the imposter. 

Download Among Us mod


Who doesn't love Five Nights At Freddy's? It's a scary and incredibly popular series of horror games, and mod creators couldn't overlook it. After installing this mod, characters from the FNAF series will appear in your game, allowing you to create horror right in Melon Playground.

Download FNAF mod

Characters from People Playground

People Playground is another popular sandbox game that is very similar to Melon Playground in terms of gameplay. The author, Razor, decided to collaborate between the two games by adding characters from People Playground to Melon Playground. It turned out to be cool. The characters fit perfectly into the world of Melon Playground and enhance the game. The pack includes two characters in total. 

Characters from People Playground

Hotline Miami Weapons

A popular and high-quality mod by talented author Fiftyfilippe. It adds new types of weapons from Hotline Miami to the world of Melon Playground. It includes a whole arsenal of melee and firearms. In addition to weapons, the pack also adds several living characters. All of this is accompanied by high-quality design, good textures, and other features that can be found on the download page.

Download "Hotline Miami Weapon Pack" mod

A-10 Thunderbolt

Another mod by Fiftyfilippe - the A-10 Thunderbolt combat aircraft. It is a fully functional vehicle that can fly and even drop bombs. Melon Playground has been missing something like this for a long time!

A10 Thunderbolt

CS:GO Characters

The modification adds characters from the popular shooter game by Valve - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Currently, the mod includes nine playable characters. It's a great option for role-playing games. 

CS:GO Characters

Infected Melon

A new character in the form of a scary infected Melon (watermelon). It's a watermelon monster that can be assembled and disassembled into parts. Another great mod for role-playing games. With over 2000 downloads and only positive ratings. 

Infected Melon

Mutants from S.T.A.L.K.E.R

A pack of monsters transferred from the beloved "S.T.A.L.K.E.R" series to Melon Playground. These are dangerous mutated creatures ready to tear you apart.

Creatures from STALKER

Air Defense

And the final mod in our compilation today is special military equipment for air defense. Defend your territory from planes and helicopters, create an iron dome, and don't let the enemies break through!

Air Defense

That concludes our compilation, dear readers. Write in the comments which mods you consider the best. This is the first part of the compilation of the best mods, and there will be new tops in the future where your favorite mods can be included. 

Author: Swordself14

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