Hitman 3: All Codes for Safes, Doors, and Security Systems

20 jan 2021 at 20:21

Unfortunately, in Hitman 3, we can't always hack something using a lockpick. The game features a large number of locations that you can only access after entering a specific number combination. 

We have prepared all the numeric combinations for Hitman 3 for you, so read and save them. Let's go!

All Safe, Door, and Security System Codes

These codes will remain static for all players at all stages of the game. These codes will save you a lot of time. 

All Dubai Codes in Hitman 3

  1. 4706 (door, staff area) - the code that will take you to the staff area on the ground floor. You can get there through the Atrium, which is in the same building.

  2. 4706 (door, Atrium) - the code that will help you open the door between the Atrium and the hall. Yes, you noticed correctly, the first two codes are the same.

  3. 6927 (safe, security room, floor 02) - this code will open the safe where the keycard is located. It is suitable for both the 5th and 4th floors. 

  4. 6927 (safe, security room, floor 03) - you will also be able to open the safe where the card is located. 

Dartmoor Codes in Hitman 3

  1. 1975 (safe, case) - a safe located in Alexa's room. You will find documents inside it. 

Berlin Codes in Hitman 3

There are no codes or locks at this location. 

Chongqing Codes in Hitman 3

  1. 0118 (door, container) - with this code, you will enter the ISA facility. You can also overhear it from people standing next to the door and talking about it. 

  2. 0118 (door, ISA apartment) - the code to the ISA apartment. Here you will obtain the R41 form on the second level.

  3. 0118 (door, laundry room) - the code to the door in the laundry room on the first floor. Leads to the roof.

  4. 2552 (door, laboratory) - the code for the door next to the staircase leading to the laboratory on the 4th floor. You can find out the code on the 5th floor, on a bulletin board, as the game progresses. 

  5. 2552 (door, private lab) - the code for the therapeutic room. You can access it without the code, but it is much more difficult. 

  6. 2552 (door, Arcade) - there is an Arcade on the ground floor, and this is the code for that door. 

Mendoza Codes in Hitman 3

  1. 1945 (laser system) - the door code that activates the laser protection for the wine fridge on the first floor. The code is actually very simple - it corresponds to the year of the wine's release. 

  2. 2006 (safe, villa basement) - the code that unlocks the villa's basement. This is where very important information is located, and one of the quests ends here. If you follow the storyline, you will learn the code from two guards near the villa. 

Carpathian Mountains Codes in Hitman 3

  1. 1979 (Door) - the pin code for the door that you will encounter before completing the mission. 

These are all the codes currently available in Hitman 3. The article will be periodically updated with new additions to the game. Enjoy your gameplay!

Author: Niysha

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