Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher Morse Code for June 11-12

11 jun 2024 at 19:09

The Cipher (Cipher Morse Code) in Hamster Kombat is a relatively new mechanic where you need to solve a puzzle and enter the answer using Morse Code.

How to Enter the Morse Code Cipher in Hamster Kombat

To enter the cipher, you first need to launch Hamster Kombat via Telegram and go to the main page, where you need to click on the hamster. Next, find the label Earn Per Tap, which displays the amount earned per click. Click on this label 3 times until the hamster turns red (as shown in the screenshot).

Now, clicking on the hamster not only gives coins but also allows you to solve the cipher.

  • Short press: •;
  • Long press: –.

Every day, a new word is given that needs to be deciphered. The full Morse code alphabet can be found in the screenshot below.

So, to enter the letter A, you need to first press once shortly (to get •), then press again but for a longer time (to get –).

Morse Code Cipher in Hamster Kombat 11/06/2024-12/06/2024

Let's decipher the Hamster Kombat cipher for June 10 and 11, 2024. The Morse code cipher for June 10-11 is: Airdrop.

  • A: • –
  • I: • •
  • R: • – •
  • D: – • •
  • R: • – •
  • O: – – –
  • P: • – – •

The Hamster Kombat cipher for June 11-12 is HAMSTER.

  • H: ••••;
  • A: •—
  • M: ——
  • S: •••
  • T: —
  • E: •
  • R: •—•

After successfully entering the cipher, all that's left is to claim the reward of 1,000,000 coins. Visit us daily to learn about new combo cards and ciphers in Hamster Kombat. Hamster Kombat combo cards for 06/11/2024 via this link.

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