Announced new character in Genshin Impact - Xianyun

24 dec 2023 at 10:23

On December 18, 2023, HoYoverse announced a new 5-star character – Cloud Retainer Li Yue and one of the Adepti, Xianyun, whom players had encountered in the region's storyline.

Eye of God: Anemo (Anemo)

Region: Li Yue (Liyue)

Constellation: Free Grus (Grus Serena)

Model: Adult female

Previously, Xianyun was seen only in the form of a crane in the mountains of Li Yue, but now the Adeptus has decided to descend to the people and become a part of their lives. The citizens are intrigued by the appearance of a new inhabitant and impressed by the girl's abilities – she excels in anything related to mechanics. Xianyun helps the locals with item repairs and crafts small interesting devices.

Previously, Xianyun was the mentor of Cryo-archer Ganyu and Cryo-polearm wielder Shenhe. The Guardian herself is expected to wield a catalyst.

Xianyun's Role

Currently, it is unknown what happened in Xianyun's life and why she decided to leave her place of origin. Travelers will have to learn this from the story of the new character.

Already, players are theorizing based on leaks about the position Xianyun will take. According to initial information, the Adeptus will breathe new life into one of the community's favorites – Anemo-polearm user Xiao. Recall that the Dendro region gave Xiao an excellent support, attack-boosting companion – Faruzan. Perhaps HoYoverse wants to continue the tradition and create a new full-fledged Anemo set.


Important! This information is not confirmed by the developers and is speculative. The final abilities of the character may differ.

Xianyun's normal attacks create four swirling winds that periodically deal Anemo damage. This mechanic resembles Furina's ability to summon assistants on the elemental skill, dealing Hydro damage to nearby enemies.

Xianyun's elemental skill also deals Anemo damage. The character rises into the air and performs a diving attack, which is considered falling attacks. It utilizes Celestial Stairs, upon which the damage of the elemental skill depends.

Xianyun's ultimate deals area-of-effect Anemo damage and heals the entire team. The healing effectiveness depends on the attack's power. It's worth noting the similarity: both Xiao and Xianyun heavily depend on attack power. This ability is very useful for Xiao, who is constantly in the danger zone and takes a lot of damage from enemies if not using a shield. Constantly keeping him in the area of Bennett's ultimate, for example, can be quite challenging.

Estimated character release date: Version 4.4 on January 31, 2024.

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