HoYoverse revealed a new character in Genshin Impact 4.3 - Chiori

10 dec 2023 at 11:18

Teory (Chiori) – a new character and designer from Inazuma in Genshin Impact, rumors of whom have long circulated in the gaming community.

Until the developers' livestream on December 8th, details about the heroine and her role in the plot could only be speculated. There was no mention of the girl in the game prior to the stream, except for a small remark by Kirara, a delivery service employee, mentioning that she often delivers fabric to Teory's fashion house.

Now, Teory has been fully introduced in the trailer and appeared in the background on the cover of the upcoming update. In the story, the girl is expected to appear in one of the events in Fontaine in version 4.3.

Who is Teory?

Teory is a renowned designer, whose sense of style and taste is sought after and respected both in Inazuma and beyond. The first mentions of the heroine appeared back in March 2023, and some even expected her appearance before the release of Fontaine. Unfortunately, this did not happen.

The character has an average female game model with chestnut hair gathered in a ponytail bun. Teory's outfit, fitting for a fashion designer, is whimsical and ornate. The predominant colors in her appearance are brown, orange, and red. Teory's gaze is quite calm and even focused, indicating her restrained or slightly haughty character. This also fits the image of a local fashion influencer.

The presumed character rarity is 5*, and the element is Electro. Although visually, the girl's design leans more towards Pyro or Geo elements. However, in this case, it's essential to remember characters like Kazuha, one of the few Anemo boys, whose design and style deviate from the usual blue and turquoise tones, like Xiao, Venti, or the Traveler.

Information about Teory's weapon and abilities is currently unknown. Her role in squads is also undisclosed.

When Will Teory Be Released?

There is no exact information on when to expect the announcement and release of Teory. Insiders speculate that it may happen with the release of version 4.5, which is estimated to be available around March 2024.

We will learn more details about the character with the release of the update. Stay tuned for updates!

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