Who fit Zhongli signature polearm “Vortex Vanquisher” in Genshin Impact

14 sep 2023 at 10:34

The banner's time has come; it's the perfect moment to discuss the current usefulness of the polearm. Will this tool serve you well for chopping wood, or will it shatter rocks with a magical wand? That's the question we'll explore today.

If you're here seeking immediate comfort, I'll add to your trauma: this item is not entirely useless but clearly not the one you'd prefer to have on your account.

Who Will Benefit from the "Vortex Vanquisher" Polearm?


No, the "Vortex Vanquisher" does not boost shields. More accurately, it does boost shields but only for the wielder. Other characters remain with their basic defenses, without the enhancement. Childe might dream of supremacy only in solo playthroughs (1 character = 1 half, that's a sadomasochistic form of entertainment) and the absence of a compelling argument like a Red HP Homunculus.


Balancing between critical rate/damage skillfully is necessary, but with a shield, this is one of the strongest options.


For those blessed by providence to have constellations, it's fantastic. While the bonus doesn't go "into the pocket," the attacks are still of a decent quantity (with such support, you can scare off an endgame supercharged Ayaka as if it were a walk in the park). Just make sure you can handle the energy regeneration; it's not "Favonius," you won't be siphoning energy.


Since she often plays with Bennett, the surplus of ATK is more than welcome. If you're without all that goodness—go ahead.

Rosaria and Raiden

Both require different stats, but for balance (remember that Rosaria is a Cryo Sub-DPS and has an attack deficit, and Raiden has her reasons for pitifully eyeing the cup with the same stat), it can work.

Cyno and Yao Yao

Two peas in a pod: both depend on anything (damage bonuses, elemental mastery), but definitely not on such a monstrous amount of attack. In the absence of alternatives—good enough.

Good luck with your choice!

Author: Niysha

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