How to complete the quest "A Song That Leads Along the Gloomy Path" in Genshin Impact

28 aug 2022 at 21:16

To complete all the tasks in the second volume of the Adventure Journal and continue the quest "Dreams of the Arcadian Atlas," you will need to complete three quests. One of these tasks is "A Song That Leads to the Dark Path," which we will discuss in this guide!

Where to Find the Quest "A Song That Leads to the Dark Path"

You can pick up the quest from Araka in Vermeer - its location will be marked on the map with an exclamation mark.

"A Song That Leads to the Dark Path": Where to Find Clues about the Hall of Ashvatthi

Go to the marked location on the map. Talk to Aramaya and find the secret song by interacting with the beam.

Avoid the Twilight Roses and face the aranarum to find the secret song (this is the correct position). Play the Ancient Lyre, which we have already used during the "Dreams of the Arcadian Atlas" quest.

Follow the game indicator until you reach the hollow where you need to perform a new composition. After finishing, enter the hollow.

How to Clear the Decaying Zone in the Quest "A Song That Leads to the Dark Path": Where to Find Dendroganum

Start by defeating all the enemies in the room and activate the green monuments to avoid taking damage from Infection. Remember the locations of all infected branches that need to be destroyed with dendroganum.

Where to Find Dendroganum?

Descend to the lowest level of the dungeon and approach the main tumor. Proceed a little further and activate the Lyre Hollow - this way, you will enter the room with Dendroganum.

Be sure to use the special markers for quick teleportation because you won't be able to destroy all the branches at once (you can return in any case, but this will be faster).

Continue to follow the storyline until you enter another dimension.

Explore Vasara's Dream

Defeat enemies to retrieve the first piece of amber.

To find the second one, approach the hollow and perform the song. Upon entering, you will find yourself on a higher level - there, you need to attack the bow-shaped flower with the Dendro element to trigger the teleportation marker. Fly to the platform with the second amber, defeat the enemies, take the Dendroganum, and use charged attacks on the flying Dendro mechanisms.

Use the marker to return to the previous platform - this time, go left. Collect all the chests there and head to the right, where you defeat enemies and activate another hollow.

Once you enter the new room, activate the flower and follow the elemental trail. Break the obstacle with your weapon and collect the final piece of amber. Activate another flower that will summon a teleportation marker - fly there and open the door. Defeat the enemies and return to the real world!

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