Where to get and how to complete Liyue's reputation quest "These are my Treasures" in Genshin Impact.

2 nov 2021 at 10:31

Quests of reputation of certain regions in Genshin Impact - it is a great opportunity to earn a few books, source stones and sea.

However, the problem is that it is not always clear where and from whom to take a particular task. In this guide we will tell you about where to take the quest "This is my treasure" and how to complete it. Let's go!

Where to start the quest "This is my treasure" in Genshin Impact

So, let's go to the Guili Valley, the exact location is shown below on the map.

We see small ruins, a hill of stones and an explosive barrel. We blow up the barrel and open the passage! Inside you will find a table with notes that you need to read to get the task.

 There you will also find 2 Luxurious Chests, don't forget to open them!

How to light a bonfire in the quest "This is my treasure"?

Now let's go to the marked place near the Luhua Lake, light the fire and deal with the enemies. 

That's it, then we go to the slope of Zimorodok, and look for the peak of the mountain marked on the map below. At the top you will find a chest and one electrocul. Good luck!

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