Genshin Impact: Best Build for New Character Yan Fei

22 apr 2021 at 19:33

Yanfei is a new four-star character who will appear in the game with the release of update 1.5. The heroine is a well-known legal consultant in Liyue. During battles, the character will use Catalyst and Pyro abilities. She is likely an S or A-tier character in the tier list.

In this guide, we will discuss all the pros and cons of Yanfei, her abilities, and share the best build for this character. Let's get started!

Yanfei's Basic Abilities

Active Abilities of Yanfei

Signed Edict - Normal Attack

The character generates more than three fireballs using the catalyst, which deal Pyro damage. When defeating enemies with this ability, Crimson Seal is granted. Currently, it is known that up to three seals can be collected. When all seals are obtained, you will receive an effect that reduces stamina consumption during battles.

During the attack activation, all seals are consumed, and AoE damage is dealt after a few seconds. The damage and radius increase based on the number of seals consumed.

If you attack from the air, the character will deal damage to all enemies in its path. When colliding with the ground, the character inflicts AoE damage.

Signed Edict - Elemental Skill

The character ignites an area of the ground in front of her, and if there are enemies within it, the seal counter will be replenished to its maximum.

Done Deal - Elemental Burst

The character summons flames that hit nearby enemies, dealing AoE Pyro damage. The character obtains the maximum number of seals and also gains the Brilliance effect. This buff can add a new seal to the existing ones, thereby increasing the damage from charged attacks. The effect is completely nullified upon death or at the end of the battle.

Passive Abilities

  1. Proviso - Nearby Liyue specialty ores are displayed on the mini-map when the character is in Liyue.

  2. Blazing Eye - While using the Crimson Seal, charged attacks increase the character's attack by a significant amount.

  3. Extra Damage - Charged attacks also deal AoE Pyro damage equal to 80% of the initial attack damage.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Yanfei

Apart from the fact that the character has not yet been released in the game, based on the test versions, the following undeniable advantages can be highlighted:

  1. Continuous Pyro status will be applied to enemies.

  2. AoE damage will be consistently dealt.

  3. The effect of charged attacks is at a high level.

  4. The character is potentially inclined towards dynamic battles in which she will dominate.


  1. The base health level is below average compared to other characters of her level.

  2. The character lacks proper defense.

  3. The character is more suitable for solo play rather than being a support character.

Yanfei's Ascension

If you ascend the character correctly, she will become one of your favorite characters in your roster.


Here's the translated version of the text with the same HTML tags:

Yanfei Talents

In this section of the game, you can upgrade the skills and abilities of the hero. To do this, you will need the following materials:

What is Needed for Yanfei's Ascension

To ascend Yanfei, you will need the following materials:

Best Weapon for Yanfei

We recommend you acquire something from this list:

Best Artifacts for Yanfei

We recommend you pay attention to the following artifacts:

Teaming up Yanfei with

  • Support DPS 

  • Healing Support

  • Control Support

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