How to solve the puzzles in Morte Region and Erinnyes Forest in Genshin Impact

11 nov 2023 at 11:03

In Genshin Impact, in the Morte Region and Erinnyes Forest, both on land and underwater, there are several types of puzzles and riddles. To successfully breeze through these trials, you'll need to use new mechanics and devices – and we'll help you understand them in our guide.

Along with the location in version 4.2, they added the Xenochromatic Ball Octopus – understanding the full functionality of the ability is partially the key to quickly earning rewards. If you are on land, you'll have to switch between the character's ability and the Octopus's ability – for this, there are special adaptations.

Solving All Puzzles in the Erinnyes Forest and Morte Region in Genshin Impact

Dew Bubbles and Branches

Dew bubbles hang on Dewy branches or are nearby and can be moved by the player; any attack on them causes them to burst, creating the necessary shockwave to trigger progress in solving the puzzle. To move the bubbles, you need to use the Xenochromatic Spherical Octopus ability.

Harmonious Reed Pipe

The Reed Pipe is a hovering mechanism that can be activated using waves generated from dew bubbles. The number of runes at the top indicates the sequence of actions required to solve the puzzle. However, there is a risk of using fake pipes that look like regular devices but contribute to the trial's failure. In such cases, a Humongous Hat Jellyfish is used to block "extra" charges.

Contaminated Bacterial Mats

You need to clean the slime using the Xenochromatic Spherical Octopus ability. Sometimes it may come in larger clumps or several clumps. It is crucial to destroy all of them at once; otherwise, new ones will appear. Encased slimes may also appear – the barrier is the first thing to be removed.

Floating Crystal Flowers and Floating Crystalline Platforms

Using the octopus's abilities will make the item rotate. Puzzles typically involve groups of plants that need to be rotated to pass the trial. Sometimes, floating platforms generated by interacting with the Flower may be needed.

Potential Energy Orbs

An object that creates a charge when hit by the Octopus's skill.

Dangerous Autocannons

When the discussion item is in view, it starts firing. To disable it, you need to follow the energy flow to find and collect parts (highlighted in blue). Then, you need to return to the device and insert them into place. After that, use the Octopus's skill to influence the cannon - then you can disable automatic control and take it under your control.

Humongous Hat Jellyfish

It absorbs you and shoots you in the desired direction. It can be moved using the Octopus's ability.

Eliphas Beams and Vertical Lifting Columns

Your task is to direct the beam in such a way that it points to the receiving and reflecting light column (both parts of the mechanism are movable). Sometimes, auxiliary relays may be placed to adjust the direction of the beam.

Regulating Valve

A console controlled by the Octopus's ability, responsible for the direction of movement of parts of the mechanism clockwise and counterclockwise.

Track Assemblage

Essentially, it's a free arrangement of crystals that you manually place on special platforms by moving along the rails. In addition to them, relays can be part of the design (their features in the system remain the same as without it). Additional regulators can block passage or coordinate movement.

Energy Flow

In addition to the listed, in the research area, there are blue energy flows that flow through channels. Along the way, special devices are installed capable of collecting these flows and directing them with lifts to other levels. Devices regulated by nearby mechanisms are used to change the direction of the flows at different angles. The essence of the puzzle is to direct the energy in the right direction.

A Huge Shell!

They open upon impact, revealing a reward hidden inside or an item necessary for the mechanism.

Good luck with your explorations!

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