Day 5 "Catch Me If You Can" - How and Where to Find Strange Hilichurl

31 may 2021 at 9:47

On the 5th day of the event "Catch me if you can" we need to find another unusual Hilichurl location. This time you will have to go to the winery "Dawn", where at the edge of the cliff to the northwest of the Statue of the Seven you can find the first Hilichurl.

In this guide we will tell you how to pass the 5th day of the event "Catch me if you can", where the strange Hilichurl is this time and what to give in exchange. Let's go!

Passing the 5th day of the "Catch me if you can" event

The Hilichurl mentioned above has a mission for you: he wants you to help him deal with the local bullies. Follow the waypoint and destroy two waves of enemies, then return to the Hilichurl to find out the location of the second creature.

After that, you will have to go to the grassy/watery plain east of Mt. Aozang, where you will find the next Hilichurl. Talking to him will lead to a mutual exchange, to the benefit of both. About how his phrase is translated and what to give in exchange to this Hilichurl, we described in this guide.

He will then tell you the location of the Strange Hilichurl, which can be found near the Tianquan Valley (screenshot below). He will also give you the phrase "Mosi Abi Nunu", the translation of which we wrote here. 

Go to the place shown above, between 6 pm and midnight, and you will definitely find the Strange Hilichurl and get your well-deserved reward from the event page.

Author: Niysha

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