Who is sitting next to Baal in the Genshin Impact trailer: Analysis of the video with Seyun Rhiden

26 aug 2021 at 17:15

In this article, we will delve into the lore of the game Genshin Impact and tell you more about the trailer and the friends of Shogun Raiden. Let's go!

Who is sitting next to Baal in the Genshin trailer?

Sasayuri - the character on the left

Sasayuri Sasayuri - a tengu general from Inazuma who served Shogun Raiden. The guy was killed during the civil war between Raiden and the people of the Great Serpent Orobashi from the Watatsumi Island (the Sangonomiya clan). The war resulted in numerous casualties, and Baal's final blow to the serpent split the island in half, turning it into the Musoujin Rift.

Mikoshi Chiyo - the girl lying on Raiden

Mikoshi Chiyo, also known as Tiger Chiyo, was an oni (demon in Japanese mythology) and a member of the Mikoshi clan that existed about 500 years ago. Chiyo was a valuable ally of Baal and joined her in the campaign against the dark forces that arose during the "Dark Catastrophe." However, the girl was swallowed by the Abyss Beast and, while inside its stomach, Chiyo was tainted by darkness.

Although she managed to kill and tear the beast apart, the girl was forever changed. Soon, she turned her blade against Baal and was defeated and heavily wounded. Her ultimate fate is unknown.

Kitsune Saigu - the far-right heroine

Kitsune Saigu, also known as Lady Saigu and Kitsune Hakushin, was an outstanding historical figure in Inazuma and a descendant of the Hakushin clan and a close ally of Baal. In the autumn, during the "Dark Catastrophe," Kitsune Saigu disappeared.

It is said that she was consumed by the "dark will" and lost her memories. Saigu was deeply concerned about the loss of her memories and stated that losing them was equivalent to losing one's life (similar to the quote from Yae about ambitions). Once, she told Baal the following phrase: "Do not be blinded. Do not hesitate. Keep walking the path you believe in."

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