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N7E Enhanced Graphics Presets
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N7E Enhanced Graphics Presets

Another graphical mod for Biomutant fixes one of the main problems of the game - graphics. Now the game will look much better, brighter, more beautiful, with HDR support. After installation, press the End key in the game to turn on the effect. There are only 3 effects: - Cinematographic; - Alternative; - HDR. Installation path: Biomutant\Biomutant\Binaries\Win64\

27 may 2021 | Ver. 1.0.0
Skip Intro (Kinda)
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Skip Intro (Kinda)

\ This mod for Biomutant allows you to easily skip the game intro. Now this long intro will be replaced with a one-second video. Installation path: steamapps\common\BIOMUTANT\Biomutant\Content\Movies\

27 may 2021 | Ver. 1.0
BIO Shade
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BIO Shade

The first mod for Biomutant. The graphical reshade changes the overall graphics of the game, making it darker and more atmospheric. It is installed through the Reshade program. - Drop the downloaded files to the path \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\BIOMUTANT\Biomutant\Binaries\Win64; - Install the Reshade program; - Enter the game, press Home, open the menu; - Select BioShade; - Enjoy!

26 may 2021 | Ver. 1.0.0
Visuals and Graphics
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Last update 27 may 2021


Last update 27 may 2021




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