Mod Better Archery version 1.9.4 for Valheim

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Better Archery is one of the best and most popular mods for Valheim. The mod improves archery overall, introduces new features, enhances arrow flight physics, quiver system, and much more.


This feature is disabled by default due to compatibility issues with some other mods, but you can enable it at any time in the configuration files.

- The mod adds 1 type of quiver: leather quiver. To craft this quiver, you'll need leather scraps (20 units), deer hides and troll hides (10 each). This quiver provides 3 additional arrow slots, but more importantly, you can quickly and easily switch between these arrows using the Alt + 1, 2, 3 keys.

Sniper Mode when Shooting

- You can easily aim while shooting by simply right-clicking;
- The higher your archery skill, the closer you can zoom in while shooting, and the better your aiming will be;
- If you're aiming and want to cancel the process, you can press the E key (by default);
- In the configuration files, you can enable automatic zooming when you start shooting.

Arrow Retrieval System

This system was sorely needed, and with this mod for Valheim, everything falls into place. Now, after shooting, there is a chance to retrieve the arrow.

- Wooden arrows can be retrieved with a 30% chance;
- Flint arrows have a 30% chance of returning;
- Bronze arrows can be retrieved with a 50% chance;
- Iron arrows return with a 70% chance;
- Obsidian arrows have a 70% chance of returning;
- Needle arrows: 10%;
- Fire arrows: 0%;
- Poison arrows have a 70% chance of returning an obsidian arrow;
- Silver arrows return with a 50% chance;
- Frost arrows return an obsidian arrow with a 70% chance.

Other Changes

- Improved arrow physics, flight speed, and more;
- Improved crosshair;
- You can now craft wooden arrows as well as makeshift arrows;
- While shooting from stealth, you'll see the damage dealt in the upper left corner (implemented similarly to Skyrim).

Partial Incompatibility with Mods

As mentioned, the mod has certain incompatibilities. Let's go over them:

- More Slots. There's an issue with the quiver, a visual bug. Simply change the quiver position to {"x":-347.0, "y":-167.0} to resolve the problem.
- FIXED! Equipment and Quick Slot. Again, an issue with the quiver, so it's better to disable the quiver in the configuration files, which will immediately remove 3 compatibility bugs.
- Valheim Plus. There are 2 problems with this mod. The first bug is related to the quiver. If the quiver is disabled in the configuration files, there are no problems. The second issue arises with the first-person view added by Valheim Plus. In this mode, there's a bug with aiming the bow. You can simply disable the first-person view feature in the Valheim Plus configuration files, and everything will be fine.
- BepInEx Pack Valheim
What's new:
- Adaptation to the current version of Valheim.
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Version 1.9.3
- Some files are converted to .dll format.
  • 13 october 2023
  • 1,3Mb
  • 110
Version 1.9.1
- Adaptation to the current version of Valheim.
  • 17 august 2023
  • 1,3Mb
  • 93
Version 1.8.3

Fixed minor bugs.
  • 27 december 2022
  • 1,3Mb
  • 392
Version 1.8.1

Added support for Mistlands updates.
  • 18 december 2022
  • 1,3Mb
  • 185
Version 1.7.6

Fixed some bugs with HUD.
  • 24 may 2022
  • 1,2Mb
  • 404
Version 1.7.0

Fix bugs;
Update for Hearth & Home.
  • 25 september 2021
  • 1,2Mb
  • 231
Version 1.6.2

Fixed a bug that caused issues with walking;

Fixed compatibility bugs;

Now works with Valheim Legends.

  • 9 april 2021
  • 1,22Mb
  • 188
Version 1.6.1

A series of corrections.
  • 7 april 2021
  • 1,2Mb
  • 182
Version 1.5.6

- Some bugs have been fixed;
- Don't forget to delete the old .cfg file before updating.
  • 29 march 2021
  • 1,13Mb
  • 180
Version 1.5.2

Various fixes and improvements.
  • 25 march 2021
  • 0,902Mb
  • 170
Version 1.5.0

- Added a separate slot for quiver;
- Added an option to disable aiming;
- Now the aiming system is more like the one in Skyrim;
- Changed the recipe for crafting a wooden arrow;
- Fixed a bug with compatibility with the Equipment And Quick Slots mod;
- Damage from stealth mode was sometimes not displayed, or displayed for another player in multiplayer. The bug is fixed;
- Other fixes.
  • 22 march 2021
  • 0,902Mb
  • 172
Version 1.2.5
  • 20 march 2021
  • 0,901Mb
  • 185

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