Mod Monsternomicon version 1.1.1 for Valheim

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Monsternomicon - a new and very cool mod for Valheim (Valheim), which adds new strong (and not so) enemies to diversify the game and add more challenge. The list of new enemies is constantly expanding.

Monsters are tied to certain locations, so you will encounter enemies in the most diverse locations: from the plains to the ocean.


Human-like dark creatures that have cold weapons in their arsenal. Shadows of dark elves.

Duskseeker Svartálfr

Controls a dark entity within itself, wields dangerous magic.

Storm-herald Wyvern

A dangerous and powerful wyvern that is encountered in the ocean. Can fly and exhale lightning and other natural elements, inflicts damage, a deadly opponent.

Drowned Soul

Dangerous ghosts that hunt in the ocean, and like wyverns can fly. These vengeful spirits will do anything to kill you.

Surtling and Elder Surtling

Be careful if you encounter these enemies - they will instantly incinerate you. Spirits of nature.

Ash-eater Neck and Ash-eater Tadpole

If you are afraid of fire - better not to go to them, it will be painful.

Burned Bones

These are burned skeletons that usually hunt in packs.

Fire-breathing Drake

Another variety of flying dragons - drake, but not simple, but fiery. Accordingly, exhales fire, incinerates everything.
- Custom Raids
- RRR Monsters
- RRR Non-Player Characters
- Spawn That
What's new:
- New enemies;
- New boss;
- New biome;
- Adaptation for the current version of Valheim.
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Version 1.0.6

- 2 new enemies;
- 3 new bosses;
- New textures for old enemies (variations);
- Work on the balance of the mod.
  • 27 december 2022
  • 1,4Mb
  • 141
Version 1.0.5

A large number of new enemies;

Other improvements.

  • 21 june 2021
  • 0,972Mb
  • 195
Version 1.0.4

A large number of new enemies and raids have been added.

  • 2 june 2021
  • 0,702Mb
  • 141
Version 1.0.3

- Improved balance;
- Added 2 new raids: Feringa's Ambush and Northern Battle;
- Added a large number of new enemies: Silver Golem, Evil Spirit, Frozen Corpse, Northern Feringa, Ice Snake, Dvergar, Yotun.
  • 22 may 2021
  • 0,048Mb
  • 149
Version 1.0.2
  • 13 may 2021
  • 0,031Mb
  • 136

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