Skills in Valheim: Description of All Skills and How to Increase Them

21 mar 2021 at 16:41

The entire development system in Valheim is very concise. What does this mean? You don't have to choose between good or evil, you just need to upgrade your character using skill points. Explore the world of the Vikings, and as you progress, you will earn points. 

In this guide, we will explain how the skill system works in Valheim and how to level up your skills. Let's get started!

Available Skills

All skills can be grouped into 17 main categories. Here is the complete list of skills: 

  1. Clubs. The damage you deal to enemies is increased several times.

  2. Blocking. This is the Viking's ability to deflect damage dealt by enemies. Don't forget to hold the right mouse button (RMB). 

  3. Running. Your character becomes significantly more enduring while running. Holding the Shift key makes the character move faster. 

  4. Unarmed. The damage you deal to enemies in unarmed combat increases.

  5. Axes. The damage dealt by axes increases as you progress.

  6. Jumping. Stamina is consumed less, and the character jumps higher. 

  7. Wood Cutting. The damage dealt to trees increases several times. 

  8. Bows. The damage you deal with arrows increases, and the requirements for drawing the bowstring decrease. 

  9. Knives. The damage from knives increases.

  10. Swimming. You start swimming significantly faster, while stamina is consumed half as much. 

  11. Spears. The damage from spears doubles. 

  12. Sneak. Less stamina is consumed, but the noise radius during sneaking is reduced. 

  13. Pickaxes. The hero starts gathering resources faster. 

  14. Polearms. The damage from polearm weapons increases. 

  15. Swords. The damage from swords increases several times.

  16. Fire Magic. Currently, it is still under development but will be available in the game soon. 

  17. Frost Magic. It will also be added to the game with a new update. 

How to Develop Skills and Gain Experience Progression

All skills develop naturally as you progress through the game. There are no specific tasks to level up your jumping or running skills - you simply need to jump and run around the area.

To level up your shooting skill, you need to take a weapon and practice aiming at stones or trees. When leveling up the bow skill, be prepared with a large number of arrows, as it will require patience.

To develop your shield skill, we recommend using harmless animals. For example, a boar would be suitable for this role. Leveling up sneak is probably the most challenging task. You need to move for a long time while maintaining stealth. If you attract the attention of other Vikings, you'll have to start over.

In order for you to understand how many skill points are required to reach the next level, there is a formula: (Current_skill_level+1^1.5)^0.5+0.5.

To develop at least one of the skills, you will need to accumulate more experience with each level, but it is worth it.

Penalty for Death

Character death is not critical; they will wake up in their own bed or near runestones after 15 seconds. However, there are certain penalties for carelessness. For example, if you die, 5% of your experience will be deducted.

Don't worry, items will not disappear after death and will remain in the same place where death occurred.

The penalty for death is consistent but not always applied. Sometimes Valheim does not deduct 5% from certain skills. We recommend using the "No Skill Loss" status, as it significantly eases your life if death occurs far from your base.

Author: Niysha

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