Mod Ridgeside Village version 2.5.3 for Stardew Valley

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Derevnya na Utese - this is a small village located on the west of Stardew Valley. Meet new interesting people with unique stories, active dialogues and captivating quests! Grow new food, learn stories and uncover secrets! Or even fall in love? Anything can happen in Derevnya na Utese!

Lots of new content!
- 24 new NPCs;
- New location;
- New items;
- New shops;
- New festivals;
- Custom written music;
- Unique quests;
- And much more.

Tested and compatible with:
- Works in singleplayer and multiplayer;
- Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE);
- Escape to East Scarpe;
- Stardew Valley Reimagined 2;
- Boarding House;
- Garden Village;
- Walk to the Desert;
- Lunna, Astray in Stardew Valley;
- More Fish;
- Athanaeri Corner from Life Cycle.
Anti-Social NPCs
Content Patcher
Custom Companions
Custom NPC Exclusions
Custom NPC Fixes
Extra Map Layers
Farm Type Manager (FTM)
Json Assets
Mail Framework Mod
Quest Framework
SAAT - Audio API and Toolkit
Shop Tile Framework
What's new:
- A number of fixes and improvements.
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Version 2.0.5

Current version.
  • 13 february 2022
  • 247Mb
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Version 1.2.7
  • 13 march 2021
  • 34,3Mb
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