Working promo codes for October 2023 for PUBG: New State

12 oct 2023 at 12:28

The popular free mobile game in the battle royale genre from a Chinese developer company is not without bonus codes, offering various skins, emotes, and other useful items. The developers often gift players with codes to enter.

Promo codes for October 2023 for PUBG: New State

  • 20LNY22NEWSTATE - grants two "Hanbok" crates, containing weapon skins and items of various quality;
  • JOINBREXTREMENOW - grants five chicken medals (Chicken Medals);
  • SNOWFLAKECRATE - grants one "Snowflake" crate;
  • HAPPYNEWSTATE - grants six chicken medals and three crates;
  • LORDOFBLOOD - grants a "Lord of Blood" crate;
  • WINTERHOLIDAY - grants six chicken medals;
  • WINTERCARNIVAL15 - grants one "Winter Carnival" crate.

Where to Enter the promo code

Find the official game website through any search engine. Select the "Activate code" page from the list of search results. Enter the required bonus key and the ID of your game account. Go through the built-in captcha and confirm the code redemption operation. Log into the game, and in the "Mail" section, your received bonus will be waiting for you.

How to find your account ID

You can find it in the in-game settings. Access them and either copy or note down your ID.

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