Mod Highway Car Breakdowns version 1.0.1 for My summer car

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The My Summer Car mod adds a new way to earn money. Now you can come across broken cars that you can fix and earn some money.

- Find a broken car (random event, rare);
- Talk to the owner;
- Hold down the F key next to the car to find out what exactly is broken;
- Fix it and make money!
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Similar mods

24  GAZ 24 Red
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24 GAZ 24 Red

The mod for My Summer Car adds a red GAZ 24 to the game. Check out the "Requirements" section.

14 may 2021 | Ver. 0.1
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MSCLoader is the main mod-tool for My Summer Car, allowing you to install and use other mods for this game. Installation: - Unpack to any convenient place (except for the game folder); - Run MSCPatcher.exe; - Press MSC Folder and select the game folder (Steam\steamapps\common\My Summer Car); - The system will determine which version of the game you are using; - You can set where the mods will be saved yourself, or the system will do it automatically; - After successful installation, press Launch MSC; - In this case, if everything is correct, the game will start (or you can start the game manually, it doesn't matter); - Go to the mod folder (you chose the location yourself, or the system created it automatically); - Install the mods you need in this folder and enjoy!

28 dec 2023 | Ver. 1.2.14
-  Minimap
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- Minimap

The mod for May Summer Car adds a fully functional mini-map to the game. Depending on the speed of the vehicle, the mini-map automatically increases and decreases in scale. There are both day and night modes, and much more. - Ctrl + Numpad 9 - turn on or off the mini-map at any time; - Ctrl + Numpad 5 - turn on and off the big map; - Icons for some locations; - Icons for some NPCs vehicles; - Others.

19 dec 2022 | Ver. 1.0.8
Fuel Tank Door
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Fuel Tank Door

A mod for My Summer Car adds a fuel tank cap for the "Satsuma" vehicle. The cap can be opened, closed, attached, detached, bolted, etc. The location can be seen in the last screenshot (located next to Grandma's house). It is painted with cans.

14 may 2021 | Ver. 1.6
Engine Info
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Engine Info

This mod shows all the information about the engine for the vehicle "Satsuma" in My Summer Car. It displays wear, damaged components, and other parameters. Key combination to open GUI: Right CTRL + F.

14 may 2021 | Ver. 1.4.0
Repair Hammer (Remade)
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Repair Hammer (Remade)

The mod for May's car gives a hammer (sledgehammer) a new application. Now you can use a hammer to fix some damage to your car. Right-click works for destruction, and left-click for repair. Watch out, don't mix them up.

14 may 2021 | Ver. 1.1
Actual Mop
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Actual Mop

The most authentic functioning mop in My Summer Car. The mod allows you to clean up your home using this mop.

19 aug 2023 | Ver. 1.2
New Garage Mod
  • 17151
  • 2025
  • 2
New Garage Mod

A mod for My Summer Car nicely retextures your garage. It looks quite nice.

14 may 2021 | Ver. Newest