How to find and defeat Hunters in Helldivers 2

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Hunters in Helldivers 2 are hostile creatures from the Terminid faction. They are not strong but persistent enemies that you will often encounter during planet cleansing and mission completion. If you don't deal with Hunters in time, they can turn the tide of battle against you. In this guide, you will learn how to fight Hunters in Helldivers 2, where to find them, and what abilities they possess.

Where to Find Hunters

Hunters are commonly found on insect-infested planets. When looking at the map, focus on the orange sector on the right side of the Galaxy.

Hunters appear at all difficulty levels, starting from the lowest. They are white-orange creatures, moving on four limbs, with their bodies protected by a chitinous shell. Periodically, they reveal reddish leather wings on their backs, similar to those of a bat. They like to hide behind cover: rocks, boulders, in nests. They are less commonly found in open plains.

How to Defeat Hunters

A characteristic feature of Hunters is their fast movement speed and incredible agility. Any weapon is suitable against them, but the problem lies in hitting the creatures, which is quite challenging. While a Hunter hasn't noticed you, it will circle and jump around, searching for a target. When it detects you, it will slowly approach, then make a powerful leap and strike. This is where the main danger and benefit to the player lie.

At the moment when a Hunter leaps, it is most vulnerable. The player must react in time and strike to knock down the monster and avoid damage. Hunters are very aggressive, so they will instantly react to your presence and prepare to attack. They most often appear in groups of several to 5-7 individuals.

Any gun is effective, as Hunters have low health and low armor. If you need to quickly eliminate a group of creatures, use a machine gun. We do not recommend using grenades and explosives. Initially, this may seem like a good idea, especially against a group of enemies, but in reality, aiming at fast-moving Hunters with a single projectile is almost impossible. Moreover, you will waste powerful weapons on creatures with little health. It's better to save bombs for stronger opponents.

If you are fighting a large number of different enemies, including Automatons, try to shoot down the Hunters that are approaching quickly first. They won't deal much damage, but they can disorient you if they get too close. Deal with them in advance, preferably at long range.

Important! At higher difficulty levels, Hunters start using an ability: they spit venom, hitting which significantly slows down the player's movement for several seconds. Avoid getting hit by it to avoid becoming an easy prey for stronger enemies.

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