In the Wake of Narcissus in Genshin Impact: how to complete all quests

17 nov 2023 at 13:17

"In the Wake of Narcissus" is a new quest chain in Genshin Impact 4.2. The chain is divided into 4 act-like quests. Throughout the missions, you will have to solve the riddle of the mysterious princess, learn new details about Ordo Narzissenkreuz, and find Mary-Ann.

Each quest in the chain is covered in a separate guide, where you can familiarize yourself with all the details. Enjoy your gameplay!

Search in the Algae Sea

"Search in the Algae Sea" (Search in the Algae Sea) - the first quest in the chain. To start it, return to the Ordo Narcissenkreuz room, where Seymour, Caterpillar, and the Oceanid Ann previously gathered. Together, the company will try to figure out what to do next and compare their ideas. In the end, everyone will come to the conclusion that Mary-Ann is Princess Lyris. You need to find her again.

To proceed to the next task, you need to find all 4 seals. The search for each is related to a separate mini-quest:

After collecting all the seals, go to the Gestalt Tower and fight Jacob. Take a photo with the Ordo Narcissenkreuz participants: Lyris, Mary-Ann, Alain Guillotin, Rene, and Jacob.

Savior’s Wake

"Savior’s Wake" (Savior’s Wake) - the second quest in the chain. It will start immediately after completing the first. The main gameplay involves solving three puzzles, after which you can descend to the very bottom of the tower and find the Primordial Sea seal. Detailed puzzle solutions are covered in a separate guide.

Waking From the Great Dream

"Waking From the Great Dream" (Waking From the Great Dream) - the third quest, during which you'll have to fight the Narzissenkreuz Boss. You can only play as the Hydro Traveler and fight with the Sword of Narzissenkreuz. After the battle, the weakened Narzissenkreuz will join your team and help in the search for Mary-Ann.

Rowboat’s Wake

"Rowboat’s Wake" (Rowboat’s Wake) - the final quest in the chain, where you will finally meet Mary-Ann and help reunite friends. Free Mary-Ann, learn about the fate of each hero, and complete the chain.

For completing the entire chain, you will receive the following rewards in total:

  • 220 Primogems;
  • 1800 Adventure EXP;
  • 190,000 Mora;
  • 17 Hero's Wit;
  • 13 Mystic Enhancement Ore;
  • New Weapon - Narzissenkreuz Sword.
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