Search in the Algae Sea: how to start and complete

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"Search in the Algae Sea" – a new quest in Genshin Impact version 4.2 in the chapter "In the Wake of Narcissus: Act I," which was released on November 8th. The questline continues the story of The Narzissenkreuz Ordo, and players will finally learn the fate of three friends they met during previous adventures.

How to Get the "Search in the Algae Sea" Quest

The quest will appear in your journal only after completing the previous quests from The Narzissenkreuz Ordo:

  • Ann of the Narzissenkreuz;
  • Ancient Colors;
  • Unfinished Comedy;
  • Initial Facts.

After completing these quests, all participants must gather in the same room of The Narzissenkreuz Ordo: Ann, the robot dog Seymour, and Caterpillar, whom you met in the Fortress of Meropide.

You will uncover new mysteries of the secret society and find out what connects everyone and how Princess Lyris is involved.

"Search in the Algae Sea" Quest Walkthrough

Return to The Narzissenkreuz Ordo

Last time, you left the members of the order alone with their thoughts so they could contemplate their memories and piece together a coherent picture of what happened. It's time to pay them a visit.

Talk to Caterpillar

After conversing with the group, return to Caterpillar and interact with him to compare theories and draw a logical conclusion about what occurred. This is a kind of puzzle where you need to interpret thoughts in the correct order and arrive at the only correct conclusion. Click on the phrases in the following order:

  • From the four starting windows, choose sequentially: 1) the name "Mary-Ann" - think about what it might be related to; 2) About Ann - consider the okeanid; 3) Okeanids in Annapausis - how they may be connected to Mary-Ann;
  • In the next step: 1) Mary-Ann in Annapausis - about meeting the mysterious girl; 2) Ann - okeanid; 3) There are okeanids in Annapausis;
  • Then match two thoughts you've arrived at: "Mary-Ann in Annapausis" and "There are okeanids in Annapausis";
  • Provide a conclusion: Mysterious "Mary-Ann."

The Traveler will express an opinion about the identity of Mary-Ann and what she truly is.

Find More Clues and Gather Your Thoughts

Now you need to substantiate your thoughts with concrete evidence. Look around, explore the room, and collect clues. Consult with each member of the order - they will share their opinions.

  • Ann suggests that the so-called "Mary-Ann" never existed and is merely a product of everyone's imagination. This is entirely possible, considering the memory issues each of them has;
  • Seymour cannot provide a definite answer, citing the limitations of his system;
  • Caterpillar points out that Mary-Ann visits Ann in her dreams. Perhaps they are somehow connected.

In the end, the entire group will gather together and decide that Mary-Ann used to be Seymour's owner - he remembers her well and strives to follow her, is Alain Guillotin's sister, and can shed light on the mystery of Princess Lyris. Afterward, you can set out to search for Mary-Ann again by returning to the place where you first encountered the order.

Head to the Designated Location

Return to Annapausis, where you will meet old acquaintances – Al and Jak, who were introduced to you by Ann earlier. The couple will give you a note with a mysterious message, and then suddenly become aggressive.

Stop Al and Jak

Engage in a battle with the guards and defeat them to continue your journey. A Bubble will appear at the battle location.

Enter the Bubble

When you attempt to ascend using the Bubble, you will be teleported to The Narzissenkreuz Ordo. Unfortunately, the attempt fails. Share everything that happened with your friends and discuss your new thoughts.

Talk to Caterpillar

You'll need to put your thinking caps on again and answer the most important question: who is Mary-Ann, and what secret is hidden behind her identity? Present conclusions in the following order:

  • Interpret the first four thoughts in order: 1) Mary-Ann Guillotin; 2) Red Queen Lyris; 3) Talkative Mary-Ann;
  • Interpret the new thoughts in order: 1) Director Lyris's memories; 2) Mary-Ann Guillotin's memories;
  • Relate the two memories to arrive at the conclusion: "Mary Ann is the younger sister";
  • Combine two thoughts: "Mary Ann is the younger sister" and "Mary-Ann is Lyris";
  • New thoughts will arise that need interpretation: 1) Contradiction of statuses; 2) Lyris's abilities;
  • Compare to better understand Lyris's personality: "Lyris's abilities" and "Red Queen Lyris";
  • Come to a bleak conclusion by thinking about "Dissolution of identity and will" and submit the conclusion of "Lyris and Ann...".

The Traveler and all present will come to the conclusion that Mary-Ann is indeed Lyris, but their identities have merged into each other. They represent a single entity, having lost their will. To help solve the problem, you will need to find 4 seals, each of which is associated with a separate task.

Find and Break the Seals

Each seal corresponds to another quest. After completing them, you can continue the "Search in the Algae Sea" quest.

The quests related to the seals and appearing in the quest journal are:

We've covered each of these quests in separate guides. You can return to them right after completing them - a marker will appear on the map.

Move Forward

Use the stream to reach the roof of the Tower of Gestalt. At the same time, talk to Paimon, who will share some thoughts and concerns about what's happening.

Enter the Tower of Gestalt

On the roof, pay attention to the marker where a note will be lying. It turns out that The Narzissenkreuz Ordo has been recognized as a criminal organization. Here, through a hole, you will be able to enter the building.

Talk to and Battle Jakob

Inside, you'll be ambushed by Jakob, the Narzissenkreuz Artificial Apostle. He's set a trap for you, so the only way out is to fight him. You won't be alone in this battle – your faithful friends from the order will come to your aid.

Talk to Everyone

After defeating Jakob, a cute cutscene will begin. The Traveler will find a photograph depicting the previously mentioned members of The Narzissenkreuz Ordo: Lyris, Mary-Ann, Alain, Rene, and Jakob, who has just died.

After the cutscene, the next quest will automatically start – "Savior's Wake."

For completing the "Search in the Algae Sea" quest, you will receive the achievement: "One Involved in the Matter." You can learn more about other achievements and hidden achievements in version 4.2 separately.


  • 60 Primogems;
  • 500 Adventure EXP;
  • 50,000 Mora;
  • 5 Hero's Wit;
  • 6 Mystic Enhancement Ore.  
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