Foggy Forest Branches in Genshin Impact 4.2: how to find and how to use

19 nov 2023 at 10:02

Foggy Forest Branches are quest items required for completing a task from the Melusine Pakhsiv. You encountered her in the questline "The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes".

You need to find a total of 6 Branches, each scattered around the Erinnyes Forest location and associated with solving puzzles. You can collect the Branches before meeting Pakhsiv, but you can only give them to her after completing "The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes" quest.

Location of All Foggy Forest Branches

Foggy Forest Branch 1

Head to the Erinnyes Forest area, specifically to the shipwreck near the shore. This area is associated with another puzzle involving 3 Simple Vault Keys, which unlocks access to a Hydroculus and a Precious Chest.

Defeat the Treasure Hoarders near the wreckage to open a sealed common chest – the Branch is inside.

Foggy Forest Branch 2

The next location is a small mountain in the Loch Urania area. Follow the elevation from the nearest teleport point. Near the target area on the map, you'll find three orange-roofed houses.

Climb the mountain and activate a sphere collection trial on a timer. At the end of the trial, enter the portal that will take you to a Luxurious Chest with a Branch.

Foggy Forest Branch 3

Location: a hill between Loch Urania and the Wilting Weeping Willow. It's convenient to move from the Statue of The Seven near the Marcotte Station.

Solve the puzzle with water volume detection crystals. Take the Hydrogranum, stand in the water, and wait for a Hydro Core to appear around you. Hit the blue stone to set the crystals in motion and arrange them so that you can activate them simultaneously with the Hydro Core. After that, a chest with another Branch will appear.

Foggy Forest Branch 4

Teleport to the Foggy Forest Path endpoint and head north to a small lake with a sealed shell. Hit the shell, retrieve the Ousia energy block. Dive into the lake, destroy the Pneuma Storage Box, and get a luxurious chest.

By the way, you can skip Ousia if you have a character with the corresponding energy in your party. For example, Lynette, which was given to everyone for free in version 4.0.

Foggy Forest Branch 5

Head to the small lake near the Wilting Weeping Willow. The pond is covered in green slime. To destroy it, absorb the ability of the xenochromatic ball octopus and eliminate all clusters of slime. After that, a whirlpool will appear, taking you deeper to a luxurious chest with a Branch.

Foggy Forest Branch 6

Find the last Branch slightly above the shore where the shipwreck is located. Climb the slope and solve the puzzle with potential energy orbs. Absorb the power of the xenochromatic ball octopus and direct it to the sphere. The sphere should hit the target in the center of the lake. After that, a whirlpool will appear – enter it, and at the end, open the precious chest with the final Branch.

How to Claim Rewards for Foggy Forest Branches

Give all the Foggy Forest Branches to the Melusine Pakhsiv to claim your reward. The little one will be waiting for you near Loch Urania, in a small cave. Receive a precious chest and an Withered Shell, which can be used to obtain additional rewards. 

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