Best weapon for Neuvilette in Genshin Impact

18 sep 2023 at 9:44

Here's a small list of catalysts, ranked from best to better suited for efficient use on Neuvillette in 4.0 (excluding the signature weapon, the envy of the entire community).

With unique insertions of author comments, guiding you on the right path and schematizing the improvised top, of course.

Right away, a warning: these considerations are based on beta testing, so the information may turn out to be true/partially true/absolutely false compared to the release (underline the correct option).

Which Catalyst to Use for Neuvillette

Now let's get to a brief guide on what and in which situations to delight the dragon-blooded lizard.

Sacrificial Jade

The gap from the signature catalyst is scary (especially if "Jade" is at R1 while the signature weapon is at R1-R2 by update 4.1), and you'll have to accept it, even through anger and denial. Yes, about two hundred thousand damage (with exaggerated acceleration, but C0 and without the "crown") is buried at the bottom of the weapon banner, yes, it's a bitter loss. With the authentic artifact set "Retracing Bolide," you can easily feel the ceiling of critical rate, so focus on its ratio with critical damage.

The Lost Player to the Sacred Winds (The Windblume Ode)

On average, holds two stacks. The same issue with critical rate.

Cashflow Supervision

Fits well with Rizli's signature weapon (assuming HP cup usage). Due to the health instability mechanic during charged attacks, Neuvillette's passive skill works overtime and almost always keeps three stacks active. The only downside is that the high base attack is virtually useless.

Prototype Amber

If previously Nevi needed around 140% energy recharge for independent survival in the environment, now that need has vanished. It performs decently and even leaves some competitors behind in damage.

Jadefall's Splendor

Cuts the energy requirement in half. Can generously provide only 1 stack of the passive (since Nevi does not have two ultimates or shield creation). If you accidentally got it and/or had bad luck on the Bai Zhu banner, rejoice, the catalyst is not bad.

For a detailed breakdown and a more comprehensive list of variations, refer to the guide. Good luck!

Author: Niysha

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