Completing the quest "A Hundred Fresh Roses Bring the Morning" in Genshin Impact

26 aug 2022 at 12:12

"One Hundred Fresh Roses Adorn the Morning" in Genshin Impact is the second part of the main story quest of this update. In fact, there are no difficult puzzles in this questline, but there are some moments that may raise questions.

In this guide, we will tell you how to complete the quest "One Hundred Fresh Roses Adorn the Morning" and specifically describe the completion of the most challenging moments, in our opinion.

"One Hundred Fresh Roses Adorn the Morning" Volume 3, Chapter 2: how to start

To start the quest, you need to:

If you have completed the above requirements, the quest will automatically appear in your Quest Journal.

Eager Sabreur and the Incoming Sabreur

After arriving at the new location and talking to Dunyazad, you will go with the girl to explore the stalls. Note that during your walk in the Bazaar, you can choose any items from your inventory/box/items from merchants - it will not affect the storyline. After several days spent the same way, your character will notice that something is amiss...

As it turns out, you are caught in an eternal cycle of the Sabreur festival, and you need to find a way to break free. At some point, you will notice a strange figure, and upon catching up to it, you will realize that it's Nahida. From this point on, she will help you escape from the endless loop of this day.

Endless Sabreur Cycle: how to answer Nahida

Apart from the question with multiple answers, you should not encounter any difficulties. It is worth noting that you can randomly select options until you find the correct answer, but we will try to save your time!

Here, choose the entry "The space we were in yesterday" and then click on the statement to make a conclusion. Proceed with the story tasks until you return to Nahida.

Here, choose the following order: Empty spaces --- Dreams that never fade --- Compare with "The truth within dreams" --- Interpret the last phrase and present it as a conclusion.

For the next question, answer "She is the embodiment..." and draw the same conclusion.

After listening to the dialogues, start making new conclusions.

Here, choose the following order: Interpret "Appearance and disappearance..." --- Interpret "Appearance and disappearance of dreams" --- Compare the phrase about dreams with "Sabreur Samsara" --- Interpret "Mass production of dreams" and present it as a conclusion.

Addendum: For the subsequent question from Nahida, you need to answer "Moon" and "The speech of the great sage".

That's it, you just need to follow the story marker until you complete the quest "One Hundred Fresh Roses Adorn the Morning" and meet with Katerina.

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