Graph Adversarial Technology Experiment Log event in Genshin Impact 4.2

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"Graph Adversarial Technology Experiment Log" – a new event in Genshin Impact version 4.2.

The Traveler and Paimon will meet with Engineer Lepine-Pauline. The girl's task is to contribute to the prevention of crimes in Fontaine by improving the image recognition system of the Jandermaton. Unfortunately, due to her scientific work, Lepine-Pauline cannot dedicate enough time to the task, so she asks for the Traveler's help.

The main goal of the event: exchange 7 rewards for research in the Graph Adversarial Technology Experiment Log.

How to Start the Graph Adversarial Technology Experiment Log Event

The event is available under the following conditions:

  • Adventure Rank 20 or higher;
  • Completed the Archon Quest "Song of the Dragon and Freedom."

However, it's recommended to at least familiarize yourself with the initial story quests of Fontaine to understand what Lepine-Pauline is talking about. If you don't want to wait, you can start the event immediately. You can photograph items during the quest all over Teyvat.

Talk to Lepine-Pauline

While strolling through the market stalls of Cour de Fontaine, you come across the engineer – Lepine-Pauline. She is delighted to meet the renowned Traveler and is willing to offer a considerable amount of Mora for a photo with you.

After calming down a bit, Lepine-Pauline explains why she is standing with a camera in the middle of the street and how she plans to maintain order with it. She believes that the Jandermatons have problems recognizing criminals. A fraudster could easily deceive the fierce machines, for example, by disguising themselves as a regular animal. The girl's goal is to collect as many samples as possible to improve the Jandermatons' work and expand their database of images. But she desperately needs someone's help – because of her important scientific work, she can't manage everything. And the Traveler comes to her aid.

How the Camera Works

To complete the mission, the girl will give you a special Image Sampling Kamera. Use it in the open world to photograph items that match Lepine-Pauline's description.

Every day, the event journal will update the description of what you need to capture on the camera. It will be a specific group of items and creatures that you'll need to search for throughout Teyvat. For the photos, you'll receive cards of different colors, with the sequence being random. You can't be sure which card you'll get.

You can take 10 shots each day. The quota refreshes the next day. If you have any unused shots, they expire, so it's recommended to use them all.

If you're lucky and collect more cards than needed for one reward, you can claim it on the same day.

Reward for each exchange:

  • 60 Primogems;
  • 30,000 Mora;
  • 3 Hero's Wit;
  • 6 Mystic Enhancement Ore.

If you manage to collect all 7 rewards, and for that, it's preferable not to miss more than a couple of days, you'll receive a generous 420 Primogems, or 2 acquaint fates. 

Graph Adversarial Technology Experiment Log: Walkthrough

Below is a description of each stage. You can check a separate detailed walkthrough and a description of the required items.

Opponents With Wing-Like Structure

The first task from Lepine-Pauline. Opponents With Wing-Like Structure - any creatures with wings or their likeness. This is a crucial detail as wings can be deceptive. Enemies, harmless creatures, and even bosses are considered for this task.

Entities that fit this description include:

  • Anemo Slimes - small and large;
  • Dvalin - the weekly boss in Mondstadt;
  • Oceanid boss and Hydro Mimics, summoned during the battle;
  • Thunder Manifestation in Inazuma;
  • Jadeplume Terrorshroom in Sumeru;
  • Cicins - common enemies summoned by Cicin mages;
  • Ruin Drake: Guardian of the Clouds. Yes, its mechanical wings are also considered;
  • Common and crystal butterflies;
  • Winged Dendro and Cryo Morovics - only the Morovics have wings;
  • Red Vulture from the Sumeru desert.

You can check the location of these creatures via the provided link to quickly complete the first stage. 

Basically Ball-Shaped Teyvat Product

Basically Ball-Shaped Teyvat Product - these are definitely edible items. Vegetables and fruits can be found on trees, in cities near grocery stores, near crates, or simply lying on the ground. Eggs are found in bird nests.

All "Primarily Round Teyvat Products" include:

  • Apples - grow throughout Teyvat;
  • Wolfhook;
  • Valberry;
  • Burning and misty flowers;
  • Eggs;
  • Pinecones;
  • Sunsettia - grows throughout Teyvat;
  • Ajilenakh Nut from Sumeru;
  • Sango Pearl from Inazuma;
  • Berries - grow throughout Teyvat;
  • Potatoes;
  • Cabbage;
  • Tomato;
  • Dandelion.

Basically Blue Wild Creature

The next task is a bit more challenging because you need to capture specific living creatures. Basically Blue Wild Creature - any animal of blue color, from small to large. Namely:

  • Emerald Finch;
  • Flatcrest Fulmar;
  • Violetgold Angler Gull;
  • Slate Umbrellafinch;
  • Otter dwelling in the waters of Fontaine;
  • Hydro Crystalfly/Anemo Crystalfly butterflies;
  • Blue Frog;
  • Sunny Loach;
  • Snow-Winged Goose;
  • Dusk Bird;
  • Lucklight Fly - unlike the common yellow firefly, it glows blue and resides in the Rifts and Underground Mines;
  • Blue Lizard;
  • Bluethunder Weasel;
  • Ocean Crab. 

Staff-Wielding Opponent

Staff-Wielding Opponent - enemies wielding weapons resembling a staff. "Resembling" because Genshin considers, for example, hilichurl clubs, which can hardly be called staffs.

Enemies that fall under this category include:

  • Hilichurl Fighter - with a club;
  • Samachurls of any element - always carry a staff;
  • Abyss Mages of any element;
  • Frost/Wind Operatives - new enemies from Fontaine;
  • Fatui Skirmisher - Geochanter Bracer - the only one using a staff instead of a gun.

The lists for each category are not exhaustive. We tried to provide the most detailed description for each of them, but it's possible that there are more suitable creatures or items in Teyvat. 

Basically Purple Teyvat Product

Basically Purple Teyvat Product -

Legless Wild Non Fish Creature

Legless Wild Non Fish Creature

How to Exchange Cards with a Friend

The charm of the event is that you can receive missing cards as a gift or vice versa - give away extra cards to a friend. This way, you can get even more rewards throughout the day and won't have to wait for the service to refresh if you run out of the required cards.

To exchange cards, go to the exchange menu by clicking: "Exchange Samples." You will see a list of all your friends and the number of their cards. There are two sections available: "Gift" and "Accept" - depending on what you want to do. Simply select the desired card and click on the action. To receive the gifted cards, click "Receive All."

Obviously, the developers are trying to encourage players to engage in cooperative gameplay. Despite theories and comments, the card drop is 100% random, and a friend's help can be handy. Unfortunately, the developers did not implement a request system for other players to see which specific cards you need. The only option is to inform your friends in advance and communicate with them privately. 

These are all the points and nuances you need to know to complete the event. Enjoy the game!

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