All achievements in Genshin Impact 4.2: how to get

8 nov 2023 at 9:48

The Genshin Impact 4.2 update was released on November 8th. The update introduced new characters, the Hydro Archon Furina, and the "Steambird" correspondent Charlotte, as well as new locations, the Erinnyes Forest and Morte Region. It also brought new achievements, including hidden ones in the "Wonders of the World" section.

Next, let's talk about how to unlock these new achievements and add them to your collection.

How to Obtain All Achievements in Genshin Impact 4.2

Achievements related to world exploration:

  • Continental Explorer: Land of Harmonious Springs (III). Unlock the areas in the Morte Region and Erinnyes Forest.
  • Font of All Waters (III). Unlock all the teleport waypoints in the Morte Region and Erinnyes Forest.
  • Sanctuary Pilgrim: Land of Harmonious Springs (III). Unlock all Shrine of Depths in the new locations.
  • Tidal Guide (III). Follow 3/6/9 fairies.
  • Waveriding Treasure Hunter (III). Open 40/80/160 chests.
  • Waveriding Adventurer (III). Complete 3/6/12 time trial challenges.

Achievements for completing world quests (including hidden achievements):

  • Narzissenkreuz Notes. Complete the new quest in the Narzissenkreuz questline.
  • Narzissenkreuz Notes: The Labyrinth. Complete the new quest in the Narzissenkreuz questline.
  • Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow. Help Pahsiva say farewell.
  • One Involved in the Matter. Complete the new quest in the Narzissenkreuz questline.
  • The Immortal Emperor of the Mortal Cosmos. Defeat Narzissenkreuz.
  • Farewell, Mr. Eliphas. Defeat Eliphas.
  • The Power of the Holy Sword. Change Narzissenkreuz's Sacred Sword's wild light for the first time.
  • World Masterpiece. Get shot out of the cannon.
  • Satisfactory Naval Force. Obtain treasure under artillery fire.
  • Space Force Cadet. Make accurate shots.
  • Measure of Interference. Complete the optical experiment.
  • Nothing but familiarity. Find 6 golden butterflies.
  • The Story Is Over, But.... "The adventure they call life continues."
  • I Fear'd the Fury of My Wind…. "...would destroy all the lovely and innocent flowers."
  • Know A Woman By Smell. Complete the prequel to Robin Hood.
  • Animal Friends. Solve the puzzle of the desert village.
  • A Predictable Ending. Assist the research institute and see what comes of it.
  • A World Yet to Be Disenchanted. Give xeno-chromatic crystals to Rusty Wheel's helmsman three times.
  • Gentle Descent. Use the ability of the xeno-chromic octopus.
  • Crow, or Blackbird?. It's a pelican!
  • A la volonté du peuple. Obtain the Promise of the Rainbow Rose.
  • I Do Believe in Fairies. Help Penny.
  • In the Language of Flowers, the Lumisource Bell Means.... Take notice of the flower that no one pays attention to.
  • Hope is a Nice Word. Witness new life being born from the ruins.
  • Even Caesar Could Not Buy This From Me. Obtain the greatest works of art.
  • Semnai Sans Shadow. Meet the enigmatic spirit on Erinnyes.

Achievements for defeating bosses:

  • Chassagnon. Defeat the local legend Chassagnon.
  • Mageblade Crouges. Defeat the local legend Mageblade Crouges.
  • Anara, Butterfly of Snezhevna. Defeat the local legend Anara, Butterfly of Snezhevna.
  • Roger Averson. Defeat the local legend Roger Averson.
  • We Are Legion. Don't let the Hydroboxer swallow the semiboxer twice in one fight.
  • Liam. Defeat the local legend Liam.

This information will be updated with the release of the 4.2 expansion.

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