How to complete the Spiral Abyss update 4.0 in Genshin Impact: the best teams

9 sep 2023 at 13:57

Welcome. In this article, I will list - subjectively - the most optimal teams for clearing the current patch of Abyss 4.0. They are divided into three groups: the first half, the second half, and versatile teams. This doesn't mean that blindly using them and following the recommendations will guarantee content clearance without your participation - at most, it will simplify the task, create basic conditions, and open your eyes to the possibilities of team-building, and so on.

Additionally, any of these teams can be comfortable for you in both halves - it's a personal choice based on your knowledge of each character on your account, and no one prohibits you from making that choice. Well, the introduction is in place, so let's get to the main part.

Abyss 4.0 Enemies: Floor 12

For visual convenience, I am attaching lists of enemies.

Guide for Spiral Abyss 4.0: First Half

The choice of heroes for each position is indicated by enumeration with a slash (/). The priority is indicated by their order from left to right.

  • Kokomi / Mona / Barbara / Ayato / Hydro Traveler / Scaramouche / Lynette / Heizou, Xingqiu, E Lan, Kazuha / Jean / Sayu / Faruzan (if there's an Anemo damage dealer who benefits from her buffs) / Zhongli

Hydro Team. The second chamber can be quite challenging if the Pyro and Geo shields are consistently active throughout the battle. Hydro catalyst users are favored due to their advantage in applying Hydro status (there's literally more "water"); you can manage without them if you use a combination of Xingqiu and E Lan, or by considering the alternative team compositions mentioned below. Also, replace Anemo with a Pyro DPS character like Hu Tao, Yoimia, Yanfei, or similar, to transform the team into a Vaporize-focused setup.

  • Raiden (both from skill and burst) / Beidou, Fischl (Yae can't fully replace her), Zhongli / Thoma / Kazuha / Sucrose / Bennett (Two notes: 1) The aura from Bennett's Elemental Burst causes Overload to trigger an Electro character effect, so ensure Elemental Mastery for him; 2) The aura field causes everything to spread chaotically, so consider this if you plan to use him in the second half), Yoimia / Lyney / Yanfei

Overload Team. The mentioned shield can be effectively broken with Electro. Additionally, this half features two bosses and elite enemies (not just small mobs), so you don't need to worry about scattered enemies.

  • Ayaka / Ganyu, Beidou / Eloy, Shenhe / Rosaria / Kaeya / Layla / QiQi, Kokomi / Mona / Xingqiu / Barbara / E Lan, Kazuha / Zhongli / Jean / Lynette / Anemo Traveler / Sucrose

Superconduct Team. Although you shouldn't rely on "superconduct" itself, nor expect statues (bosses aren't affected by freezing), at least breaking the problematic shield will reduce your headache in the third chamber.

  • Nily / Any choice from the list below, Kaveh / Any choice from the list below, Nahida / Baizhu / Dendro Traveler / Kirara / Yao Yao, Kokomi / Mona / E Lan / Xingqiu / Tartaglia / Ayato / Candace / Hydro Traveler

Guide for Spiral Abyss 4.0: Second Half

  • Lyney / Kli / Yoimiya / Diluc / Yanfei / Ningguang or another DPS of "neutral" elements and abilities (note that the Ice  Dancers have 70% Anemo resistance and 0% Geo resistance), Xiangling / Dehia (useful primarily for providing interruption resistance) / Thoma / Albedo, Bennett, Kazuha / Zhongli / Venti / Jean / Sucrose

Monopyro. The second or last slots leave the option to swap to a Dendro character for producing Burning. This is crucial for dealing with the shields of the Fatui Cryo Mage and Abyss Lector.

  • Ganyu / Rosaria / Ayaka (C2 is important as it changes the Cryo application algorithm in bursts), Shenhe / Nahida / Jean / Xiangling, Kazuha / Zhongli / Sucrose / Kaeya / Chongyun, Bennett

Hypercarry (the team focuses on the damage of one character) and quick swap (the team focuses on the total damage of all its members) Melt.

  • Tighnari / Nahida, Yae Miko, Fischl / Kuki / Raiden (from skill) / Beidou, Kazuha / Baizhu / Zhongli / Lynette
  • Raiden / Yae Miko / Cyno, Fischl / Sara / Dori, Nahida / Dendro Traveler / Collei, Kazuha / Sucrose / Baizhu / Zhongli / Kirara / Yao Yao / Diona (C6)

Spreading and Amplification.

Guide for Spiral Abyss 4.0: Universal Teams

Here are the most versatile teams that are confident in their adaptability.

  • Eula / Freminet / Xinyan (as both DPS and support) / Any "physical" DPS, Raiden (from skill), Fischl / Lisa / Kuki / Dori, Mika / Yun Jin / Rosaria, Zhongli / Diona / Bennett / E Lan or Xingqiu / Mona / Nahida

Mechanisms from the Fountain are not prone to physical resistance unlike their counterparts.

  • Raiden / Cyno / Kokomi / Fischl or Bennett / Dehia / Thoma / Yoimiya, Nahida / Baizhu / Al-Haytham / Kaveh / Dendro Traveler, E Lan / Ayato or Tartaglia (depending on how much time they spend on the field) / Mona, Xingqiu / Kokomi / Zhongli / Kirara / Yao Yao / Barbara

Vegetation and Blooming.

  • Raiden / Kazuha (any other Anemo character except for Faruzan) / Chongyun / Fischl / Dendro applicator, E Lan / Xingqiu, Xiangling, Bennett

A diverse group of great nationals of all imaginable types (+ international characters Tartaglia / Ayato, Xiangling, Bennett, Kazuha / Sucrose).

For now, we'll conclude. See you in future guides, pamphlets, dissertations (or whatever they write about Genshin nowadays?), travelers!

Author: Niysha

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