? Who is the "Dragon Roar" Sword suitable for in Genshin Impact?

28 nov 2021 at 15:22

If you got a one-handed sword "Dragon Roar" in Genshin Impact, and you are wondering who to put it on - we will help you!

In this guide we will tell you who can put the sword "Dragon Roar" and how to use it in Genshin Impact. Let's go!


The sword "Dragon Roar" is a great 4* option for an Electro damage dealer with a one-handed sword.

Weapon stats and description of the "Dragon Roar" passive
  • Main characteristic - 22.2% Attack Strength.
  • Base attack - 510.

Passive ability of the one-handed sword "Dragon Roar":

Who is the passive and stats of the sword "Dragon Roar" suitable for?

Based on the characteristics described above, it can be said that the weapon can fit:

  1. Kaeya. This weapon is best revealed with this heroine, and it fits her absolutely in all parameters!
  2. Bennett. It will only fit him as a damage dealer, under the condition that there is no better weapon.
Author: Niysha

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