Genshin Impact: Where to Find a Camera and How to Take Screenshots

4 jan 2021 at 10:22

Genshin Impact provides us with a wonderful opportunity to take amazing snapshots during gameplay. To obtain the camera, you need to complete the quest "Say Cheese." I will tell you right away that all the game screenshots can be found in the system folder of Genshin Impact, under the name "Screenshots."

 Read this article for information on how and where to take photos at the first and second locations: here.

In this guide, we will share information on how to complete the quest "Say Cheese" and where to ultimately obtain the camera. Let's go!

Where to Get the Camera

So, to find the camera, we need to go to Liyue Harbor. Once you reach the destination, head to the northern teleport point. Not far from the City Square, you will find a guy named Sui. Chat with him and bring up the topic of the camera.

Sui will give you the following task: find two people in this area and give them some photographs. Open your inventory, check the quest materials, and locate the characters in the photos that you need to deliver.

Who to Give the Photos to

The first character you need to find is not far from your current location. Climb the stairs of the local pavilions and find Dr. Liyue Qixing.

Next, head to the second client. Go to the market (nearest point - southern teleport). There, you will find an old woman, Vendor Shan.

After completing the task, return to Sui. Start a conversation with him, and you will receive the coveted camera. To activate the camera, go to "Tools".

To use it, press the "Z" key. You can take screenshots at any time. Have fun taking beautiful shots!

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