When will the Genshin Impact update Kadzuhu be released?

1 feb 2022 at 22:50

In this article we will gather all the recent leaks about Kadzuhu in Genshin Impact, as well as dispel current rumors and speculations about his banner. Let's go!

Will Kadzuhu be in Genshin Impact version 2.5?

Most likely not. Even before the closed beta test of 2.5 Sukuna on his Twitter posted a post with the following content:

"I + R + K"

The capital letters are the banners of the upcoming version. Many thought that the letter "K" hints at Kadzuhu's banner, as it has been quite a while since he was last seen. However, after the CBT all these rumors were debunked - absolutely every detail in the update hints at Kokomi's banner (starting from the free catalyst in the form of a shell, ending with the Abyss buffs).

In the end we have the following order of banners in 2.5:

  • The only banner of the first half - Yaegi Miko;
  • Syojun Raiden and Kokomi's banner.

Will Kadzuhu be in Genshin Impact version 2.6?

This is more likely than the first option. Recently, there were rumors that in 2.6 we are waiting for Venti's and Kadzuhu's banner.

 Unfortunately, this information came from an unreliable source that is not an insider or a dataminer - we advise not to put too much hope on this leak.

More plausible sounds Yohime and Ayaka's banner, instead of the heroes mentioned above - read more here. At this stage, all that remains is to wait and hope that the developers will eventually decide to add Kadzuhu to the upcoming banners!

Author: Niysha

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