How to cut Fontemer Seagrass in Fontaine

27 aug 2023 at 12:09

While traveling through the expanses of Fontaine, especially underwater, you might come across Fontemer Seagrass. They are brightly green and resemble a grid in appearance. The game mechanics offer the opportunity to cut these seagrasses for a specific reward. Now, let's delve into how to do it and what to pay attention to.

How to Cut Fontemer Seagrass in Genshin Impact

Let's get right into it and break down the cutting process into step-by-step actions:

1. First, locate the Fontemer Seagrass in the Fontaine area;

2. Near these locations, there's always an underwater creature with a special aura (note the icon near the creature). You need to absorb its power by making contact with a regular attack (simply aim and absorb the power);

3. With the absorbed power, swim towards the Fontemer Seagrass and cut it using the acquired skill. To do this, press the E button, aim, and attack the weak spot (it will be marked);

If done correctly, the seagrass will disappear, and you will receive a reward. In our case, we managed to free a Seelie, which later led us to a treasure chest.


Mastering this mechanic can lead to the following rewards while searching for and destroying Fontemer Seagrass:

  1. Mora;
  2. Hydroculus;
  3. Chests;
  4. Completing hidden quests with otters;
  5. Achieving "Blubby, Chubby, Creative Evolution" (Blubby, Chubby, Creative Evolution);
  6. Activating air transportation.

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