Should you pull for Wriothesley in Genshin Impact 4.1 or not?

17 sep 2023 at 10:08

In this guide, we will walk through the strengths and weaknesses of Wriothesley, highlighting important factors that may sway your decision to invest your primogems in this character.

Those who have already read a similar "review" of Neuvillette or are familiar with the character's skills and orientation may be cautious. Put aside the audio of the dissatisfied crowd; things are clearer with Wriothesley.

Should You Pull for Wriothesley in Genshin Impact

A charming Cryo damage dealer with a focus on health, resembling Hu Tao (unlike the demanding lady, you'll quickly get used to the rapid HP fluctuations), and broad potential horizons.

At the time of his release, he has three paths - Freeze, Reverse Thaw, and Mono Cryo.

Freeze is pleasant because the uppercut attack doesn't destroy created statues (unlike Kli, who doesn't melt them but breaks them), and regular and charged attacks are rich in Cryo status. Since more reactions lead to more damage, this positive quality makes having this boxer in a Sanfer-based team (focusing on the interaction of Bennett's and Jean's ultimates, Pyro, and a hyper-mega-strong Pyro sub DPS who needs a Cryo applicator... oh yes, Xiangling is playable and free) even more positive.

Considering the small AoE attacks, Shenhe's feathers will not deplete as quickly as Ayaka's or Ganyu's, for example, which convinces of their synergy with Wriothesley.

When focusing solely on multipliers, his damage is slightly lower than Neuvillette. When taking into account all the nuances of individuality, both are roughly equal (although Nevi is still a bit ahead because of the health scaling). From a purely fan perspective, walking on water by beating the air over calm waters is worth mentioning.

Now, the journey to the borders of Inazuma without a boat is a threat to him, and Kaeya and Ayaka have gone to the closet for retirement. Overall, according to the criteria, he's a fun character to play, without major "roadblocks" and, without sarcasm, "comfortable." Too ordinary? Perhaps. If all/most/one of Wriothesley characteristics has captivated you, I wish you good luck: consider your options or dive headfirst into the gacha.

Until the next articles!

Author: Niysha

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