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Health Regen
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Health Regen

The Control mod adds full health regeneration out of battle, as well as 20% regeneration directly during battle. All values can be edited and adjusted to suit you.

30 jul 2021 | Ver. 1.0
Different Hair Colors For Jesse
  • 1013
  • 127
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Different Hair Colors For Jesse

Installing this mod for Control, you will be able to change the hair color of the heroine to several options (see screenshots). There are 6 more archives in the archive, select the one you need (with the color name) and install it in the standard way.

28 jul 2021 | Ver. 1.0
Smooth Hair Retexture
  • 834
  • 224
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Smooth Hair Retexture

The mod for Control improves the textures of the main heroine's hair, making it smoother. In the additional files there is a True Ginger version, where she gets real beautiful ginger hair (based on the True Ginger mod).

28 jul 2021 | Ver. 1.2
Loose Files Loader
  • 1028
  • 170
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Loose Files Loader

Loose Files Loader - an important tool which is a mandatory component for some other mods, and allows the game to load unpacked files. Installation: - In the archive there is only one .dll file. Throw it into the game directory (where Control.exe is located), then just start the game; - Done!

27 jul 2021 | Ver. 1.1
No Intro Screen
  • 760
  • 126
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No Intro Screen

As said in the title, the mod for Control simply removes the initial intro. Installation: - Install Loose File Loader; - Drop the files from the archive into the game directory (where the .exe file is located).

27 jul 2021 | Ver. 1.0
True ginger
  • 1066
  • 114
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True ginger

The mod for Control changes Jessie's hair color, turning her into a real redhead.

26 jul 2021 | Ver. 1.0
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